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Brand : Self Care
Collections : Shift
Replacement : Yearly
SKU Number : 3184

  • A shower filter with a forest-like scent, composed of fresh herbs and the soothing scent of wood - feels like you're walking in a forest full of trees.
  • Features:
  •  Packed with refreshments: Full of gentle moisturizers for all skin types! It gives your skin vitality and prevents the feeling of dryness with a high percentage of moisture
  •  Chlorine removal: Infused with Vitamin Gel and active moisturizing ingredients, Vitamin C is mixed with tap water to remove residual chlorine and create smooth, hydrated skin
  •  Handcrafted to Perfection: They are handcrafted using natural ingredients extracted from nature and aged to complete
  •  Distinctive design and comfortable bathing experience: In addition to the interior design, it provides a comfortable shower experience through optimum water pressure and smoother water flow than current public showers
  • Suitable For:
  •  Those who have hard hair even after showering
  •  Who feel itching and heat
  •  Those who have dry skin after showering
  •  Who have sensitive skin and need daily management
  •  Those who take care of children and pregnant women
  • Dimensions:
  •  Size: Total Length: 18cm
  •  Width: 3.8cm 
  •  Body Length: 11cm
  •  Capacity: 180g
  • How to Use:
  •  Remove showerhead and hose
  •  Install a Shift Essence shower
  •  The switch is complete


  • Local Delivery within 48 working hours
  • International Delivery within 5 - 7 working days 
  • Cash on delivery service cost 1 KD
  • working hours: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Kuwait Time
  • Delivery to: (Sabah Al Ahmad, Al Wafra, Umm Al Hayman, Al Khairan) is Saturday, Monday, Wednesday Only
  • Customer service 22282990
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